TACAIDS website aims at disseminating and sharing of HIV and AIDS information and experience among stakeholders for proper implementation of various programs.

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Dr. Leonard L. Maboko


  • Gender Operational Plan 2016/18

    The Gender Operational Plan for HIV Response in Tanzania Mainland focused on supporting achievements of investments areas in the gender perspective manners and providing strategic guidance to stakeholders dealing with Gender and HIV in the country.

  • Tanzania HIV Investment Case


    The Tanzania HIV investment case focused on invest in 5 primary and 6 secondary interventions that are more effective in delivering on desired impacts Tanzania

  • Situation Assessment Report

    The situation assessment report on HIV shows. The burden of HIV in Tanzania since 1983, HIV risk factors, gaps in strategic and policy guidance on HIV prevention and the way forward

  • National Behavior Change

    The National Behaviour Change Communication: Information Package for HIV Prevention among Young people, identified HIV situation among youth, Challenges and the Way forward for preventing young people with new HIV infections. 

  • Report on NMSF II Mid term

    The Mid term Review Report for NMSF III highlighted on success and challenges on  implementation of the NMSF III

  • Tangazo ATF



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The fight against HIV/AIDS
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