TACAIDS website aims at disseminating and sharing of HIV and AIDS information and experience among stakeholders for proper implementation of various programs.

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Dr. Leonard L. Maboko


   TACAIDS Staff Mis Grace Kessy provide explaination on  Gender issues related to HIV and AIDAS during women day exhibition to visiters  at TACAIDS pavillion, Morogoro March, 2015
   JWTZ pavilion for VCT services during WAD 2014 commemoration, Disember, 2014
   TACAIDS Staff in group photo with Tanzania Research and Career Development Institution (TRACDI) students after visiting TACAIDS pavilion during nanenane exhibition August 2015.
   Guest of Honour The President of the United Republic of Tanzania . Dr. Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete visiting TACAIDS pavilion during commemoration of women day at national level, March, 2015 Morogoro
   Guest of honor Chief Secretary Ambassador  Omben Sefue visiting one of HIV and AIDS stakeholders pavilion  during 39th Sabasaba exhibition 2015
The fight against HIV/AIDS
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