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Dr. Leonard L. Maboko


TANEPHA was registered 11th August 2003. The objective of TANEPHA are; to collaborate with other Networks at local, National and International levels for joints actions, networking and coalition building. To established a National focal point for PLHIV information center and International issues. To lobby for access to drug for the treatment of opportunistic infections, ARVs and their availability at care support centers. The presenter continued to highlight on historical perspective by noting that since the outbreak of HIV/AIDS pandemic in Tanzania numerous responses have been put in place in the country including those organized by and for PLHIV. Mentioning some of the HIV/AIDS raises Difficult and Personal Issues he said they include: Health, Relationships, Financial security, Death or feelings about sexuality and Social and economic issues cause many problems.

TANEPHA aims to influence behavior change and help launch and strengthen support groups and Districts Associations of people living with HIV/AIDS. It also initiated the Ambassador of Hope program. This Program involves inter-districts visits by role models of behavior change, for the exchange and sharing of experiences and information and to influence policies. He said the network guiding principle includes: believe that the key strategy to comforting the pandemic; Is the recognition of Human Rights of all people living with HIV/AIDS in Tanzania. Also TANEPHA will strive to implement it objectives, to ensure effective development and strengthening of activities aimed to support people living with HIV/AIDS in Tanzania. It hopes to do through the following activities. TANEPHA Started as a voice to respond to the emotional needs, and loss reactions of learning about individual HIV positive status by Individual who come together to form groups. Also highlighted that most PLHIV gets problems for the lack of Information, Knowledge, Skills, and also have not been up-to-date to facilitate more effective and technical Involvement. 

PLHIVs networks face many challenges including competition, conflict among, PLHIV Networks, Support groups, Individuals which at last they undermining effect towards a collective and all inclusive response. In most cases PLHIV organization reported cases was: Lack of transparency, Lack of accountability, and in proper representation. 

TANEPHA Is collaborating and networking with the following Networks, National and International. GNP+(Global Network of People living with HIV/AIDS), NAP + (Network of African people living with HIV/AIDS), NAPWA-US (National of people with HIV/AIDS United State), CRN+ (Caribbean Regional Network of people living with HIV/AIDS, APN+ (Asian Pacific Network of people living with HIV/AIDS), NAPWA - SA (National Association of people with HIV/AIDS South Africa), NAP+ EAR (Network of African People living with HIV/AIDS Eastern Africa Region, FONNEPHAT ( Forum for National Networks of PLHIV in Tanzania), For seven years, since TANEPHA established, that is from Nov, 2001 March, 2008. By using NAP+ Ambassador of Hope, the following Associations, Network and CBOs for PLHIV was formed, AWITA Registered 2002, WOFATA (Registered 2002), NETWO+(Registered 2003), TAWOLIHA Mwanza (Registered 2000), PHAVIWA PLHIV Vingunguti, NEPHAKIDI ( PLHIV Kibaha), IPHA+ (PLHI V Ifakara), RUPHA (PLHIV Ruvuma). 

Activities performed by TANEPHA: Facilitated International HIV/AIDS Candlelight Memorial at Mwanza city 2002. With collaboration, facilitated International HIV/AIDS Candlelight Memorial at Dar Es Salaam City, HIV/AIDS awareness at the workplace 2003-2008 (SUA,PPF, BP Tanzania, CRDB, Plan), Facilitated Go Public for /Northern PLHIV and facilitated International HIV/AIDS Photographic exhibition-POSITIVE LIVES and Advocacy training for Dar es salaam PLHIV. Others includes, counseling at the VCT programs, Go public to community (Stigma Reduction), Home based care , by using CBOs, Go Public Training - Ifakara in Collaboration with Plan-Tanzania and Treatment Literacy-Country Wide in collaboration with NAPWA- US. 

TANEPHA strategy: Will work through Forum for National Networks of PLHIV in Tanzania (FONNEPHAT) National Council of PLHIV, while TANEPHA forming associations of PLHIV at District Levels, Why District Associations of PLHIV?, To put together PLHIV in a district to have a common voice. Also to ease lobbying and advocacy activities as far as the question of PLHIV is concerned, to establish a body that will work closely with CMACs and other relevant stakeholders, to facilitate the work of mobilization of PLHIV and the use of resources, to ease communication and planning, ease the task of identifying PLHIV at district level, ease coordination and treatment for PLHIV, through provision of ARVs, care and support programmes. 

Involving PLHIV in HIV/AIDS activities at all levels is crucial in establishing effective response to the epidemic, PLHIV: Give human face to problem, Empowering PLHIV: Are very effective campaigners for prevention and behavior change at community, from grassroots levels. Giving HIV+ face: Reduce the social stigma attached, and owns it as a social problem, with stigma and discrimination reduced: PLHIV will be empowered to seek for treatment care and support: THUS AN IMPROVEMENT FOR PLHIV QUALITY OF LIFE.

The fight against HIV/AIDS
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