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Dr. Leonard L. Maboko


 The inception of Tanzania National HIV Policy, establishment of the Tanzania Commission for AIDS in 2001, and the development of the Tanzania National Multisectoral Strategic Framework on HIV&AIDS (NMSF) have created a solid basis on which to mount an efficient and effective response to HIV.

The NMSF places a strong focus on not only mounting a national response to HIV, but also monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency with which the national response is being implemented. In terms of M&E, the NMSF and the Tanzania National Policy on HIV&AIDS stipulate:a

  • That the responsibility for national level monitoring and evaluation rests with tacaid as one of its main functions;
  • The main indicators that should be used to track the goals of the NMSF;
  • That organisations at regional, district and community levels have a responsibility to include the national level data requirements in their own monitoring and evaluation (M&E) systems;
  • That all organisations are required to report progress to tacaid on a quarterly and annual basis;
  • That tacaid will prepare annual report to communicate progress made to stakeholders;
  • That information about progress with the national HIV response would be disseminated once a year at national and district level stakeholders' forums (section 6.4.4 of NMSF 2003-2007; and Policy statement 10.5 (f) of the Tanzania National Policy on HIV&AIDS).
The fight against HIV/AIDS
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