TACAIDS website aims at disseminating and sharing of HIV and AIDS information and experience among stakeholders for proper implementation of various programs.

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Dr. Leonard L. Maboko


Each ministry has an AIDS focal point. Ministries in consultation with TACAIDS set guidelines to enable the identification of priority HIV/AIDS activities of their respective ministries.


Tacaid in consultation with the Ministry of Finance establish mechanisms to harmonize sectoral plans, to avoid duplication and overlapping of activities.

The functions of sectoral ministries are:

  • Drawing specific action plans and budget at ministerial level that operationalizes National HIV/AIDS control strategies
  • Mainstreaming HIV/AIDS interventions at ministerial levels into ministerial programs
  • Allocating and/or mobilize resources for ministerial HIV/AIDS activities
  • Monitoring and evaluate implementation of planned activities
  • Establishing operational and management mechanisms including Management Information Systems (MIS)
  • Identifying key actors and collaborators and define their roles
  • Preparing and submitting quarterly progress reports to TACAIDSSecretariat to be shared with other sectors
  • Monitoring the HIV/AIDS trend in their respective areas and provide information to the TACAIDS
The fight against HIV/AIDS
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