TACAIDS website aims at disseminating and sharing of HIV and AIDS information and experience among stakeholders for proper implementation of various programs.

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Dr. Leonard L. Maboko


  • cool blue1

    TACAIDS have been engaging with all Bongo Star Search (BSS) 2019 auditions to increase awareness on HIV prevention among youth.

  • Cool blue2

    "Congratulation to Cool Blue for their effort of sensitizing HIV prevention among communities through their products". Dr. Leonard Maboko

  • itvv1

    ITV and Radio One Managing Director Ms. Joyce Mhavile (left) welcomed TACAIDS Executive Director Dr. Leonard Maboko (at the Centre), during the tour to IPP Media for appreciate the IPP support towards HIV National response. 

  • FURSA11

    "TACAIDS used FURSA forum coordinated by Tigo FIESTA to disseminate HIV prevention messages, stigma and discrimination among youth as well as to promote ATF contributions" Dr. William Kafura

  • Konga Ilala

    Bongo Star Search (BSS) 2019 judges and Organizers together in group photo with the People living with HIV (PLHIV) of Ilala Municipal cluster after official visit to support them towards elimination of HIV



The fight against HIV/AIDS
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